Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Alternatives to Hobby Lobby and their xtian privledge

 Since Hobby Lobby is running ads that we need to be a Christian Nation: 

lets utilize other crafting sites to buy from.

Blicks, great on paints, and is getting into the crafting and cosplay, utilize their online as online has more then instore. I personally end up spending more then I should there.

Connecting Threads

Great Fabric at decent prices for quilting. via Amazon believe it or not.  Mind you its a bit harder to search via amazon.  

Your local mom and pop fabric store.  Your local mom and pop art supply store.  I sometimes go to Michaels but I can get better at Blick and I definately get better at connecting threads then go to Joanns.  Eww

Custom fabric


Art Gallery Fabrics

MoonBeam Textile company:  Great Nerdy fabric

Your local mom and pop bead store.


firemountain gems

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Scotus and Abortion

 So looks like Trumps moronic appointees are going to do away with Roe v Wade, granting the Evangelica yeehaws their fondest dream of doing away with safe and legal abortion.  So lets talk about ways you can still get an abortion.

Google what Abortifacient Herbs are.  Look up Susan Weed. Also make sure if you  do it, you use a burner phone in a wifi area that can't be traced to you.  Because places like Tx and their bounty hunters are redamndiculous scary.  Also dont toss out any pads, if you do it, because garbage is subject to search, so use towels or cotton pads that you can burn or wash with bleach.  Get a warrant is a useful phrase when asked questions by probing law enforcement who can't mind their business.

Pennyroyal Mint is easy to grow, is an abortifacient.  Blue and Black Cohosh will cause cramps.  I know when I was way along in my pregnancy and i wanted to start labor, I took these pills.  Yall you can get it through Amazon. Educate yourself and read read and read, but do the reading and educating safely.  

No idea in states that won't allow this, but you can get Abortion pills.

Good luck, 

Know in due time this will be overturned.  

Friday, February 25, 2022

Political Witchcraft

 I was arting today, and brooding about Putins invasion of Russia.  Feeling powerless and Gen X fears of WW3.  Celebrating the fact that protests are happening in Russia, and worried about the people that Putin has targeted.

So I've actually done my first political spell. 

I've dressed a black and red candle with Loki oil.  I've put the Loki necklace around it.  The candle is under Morrigans Athame, with Morrigans crow looking on.  I've asked them both to help sow discord in Russian troops, especially with technology issues, and protect by hiding the Ukrainians targetted and the Russians protesting.  

Listening to Halestorm and Pretty Reckless and The HU

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Grace and Frankie

Binged watched the entire first season.  It helped.  I have to say, as it ended I'm left with this feeling of I'm sick of endings.  I'm exhausted from being a damn Phoenix.

I want my happily ever after damnit.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

More free motion quilting designs that aren't feathers.  Feel free to use.  I'm using these are symbols of home.

Free motioning can be used in thread magic.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Free motioning quilting motifs, that you can put in quilts.  Strawberries, for prosperity.  Frying pan for home, pot for home, and coffee, or tea cup for home and hearth.

Monday, February 22, 2016


I value helping others.  It doesn't matter their background or their religion.  Actively helping is a value I think is imp.  Passively hoping/praying is not something I think is just enough.  Sometimes it's all you can do, but if you can do more, I think you should.

What I have run into in the Neo Pagan community is different.  The thought that, this might be their life lesson, so lets not intervene, annoys the hell outta me.  It comes from Wicca and the notion that one must ask permission before doing spellwork of any kind.  The theory being, that if the Gods want them to experience this, they will smite the person doing the spellwork, if the permission is asked, the smiting goes on the requester.

That's fear.  I do not value it.  I daresay, I equate it to a type of cowardice.  While there may be good advice to ask permission before doing spellwork, the passivity should not rule every type of work or help you may do for someone.