Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My email to Escambioso Sheriffs department.

Greetings and Salutations.

I am emailing you about a concern I have after coming home from grocery shopping.  I came home to see this news report .  As a Pagan since 1993, mother of three, and resident of Florida, I have grave concerns about the conclusions you have jumped to.  Will this impact me on my locally?  Fears of the SRA's scare of the 1980's float through my head.

I am having a hard time believing it was given to the media as a Wiccan ritual killing.  What do you know about Wicca?  How can you jump to that conclusion when a 10 second google search would tell you that Wicca doesn't do this?  Failing that, why didn't you contact any local Pagan leader to talk to about this?

How is what happened a "ritual" killing?  What did the suspect call down the God and Goddess, cast a circle to keep out bad energy?  What do you know about Wiccan ritual?  I doubt very much.  Here for your educational purposes read and be informed

Ok Ok maybe you mistook Wicca and Witchcraft, it happens. (I realize I'm giving you a Wikipedia link but Witchcraft is a broad term, as is Pagan.  It encompasses many geographical locations, cultures, and many beliefs.) Still, I can't think of any valid Witchcraft that would do this.  Sure there are mentally challenged individuals who would claim this, but then Charles Manson claimed he was Jesus, doesn't make him so, anymore than scarring a symbol on his forehead makes him Lucifer either.  There is still a dearth of information regarding Witchcraft even Satanic Witchcraft that should inform you that no, human sacrifice doesn't happen.  That is once you take away the sensationalist Christian sources, that think anything related to Harry Potter, Pokemon is some sort of demonic distraction sources.  BTW, Landover Baptist is a site that lampoons Christians, so they shouldn't be taken seriously either.

I am highly disappointed. I realize that Sheriffs department aren't as thorough as the police in Law in Order, CSI Miami(or any CSI episode) Detective Chief Inspector Tom Geofrrey Barnaby in Midsommer Murders, or Sherlock, but I had illusions the police were more thorough then the local gossip columnist.  I believe you owe an apology to Wiccans everywhere and Pagans everywhere.  It should be given to the news as well as going in person to local Pagans.

Bianca Bradley
The evil Pagan Republican(a tag I use, since many Pagans are vehemently liberal and I"m one of the few Republicans who have very few issues with Christians) author of

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