Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bittersweet memeories

So, I had a sad day yesterday.  Not as bad as some of the people I know, who were simmering soup pointlessly.  I know I shouldn't be amused about emo soup but I am, sorry hun.

Anyway...  I'm facing a divorce.  I was missing my best friend yesterday.  I was missing the person who understood me the most.  I was missing and grieving that loss.

The responsible thing, would probably be to google how others deal with it.  But honestly I don't want to do that.  I don't want to open up to others.  I just want to be petted by those I love.

This upcoming divorce has thrown me in many ways.  I have a hard time trusting myself, in picking others.  I feel the ache, where the hole in my heart is.  Sigh, he was my soul mate.

I'm getting over it, but there are parts of me, going what type of friggen dysfunction do I have that I pick the wrong people.  I thought he was the right one.  I thought I had broken my pattern.  How could I make such a mistake.(I don't take failure well).

Why am I writing about this.  So that others, if they choose to read about it, and they are going through stuff, will be helped?  It felt like something I should do, so I hope it helps somebody.

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