Monday, April 13, 2015

Things to ponder upon

We get many types in the Pagan umbrella tent.  We have many Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, Free thinkers, Pragmatists, Artists etc.  We try not to judge, or at least that is preached in non Recon circles.

However I think we need to ponder on those who try to decieve the gullible for their own attention or well being. We have many Con artists as well.  It is not a bad thing to trust but verify.

There are lessons I have learned.  I learned it when one of my classmates, who claimed he was working for our government, while still in highschool, in maine.  Every story got more and more strange.

We have those who claim many things.  So before believing research.  Look up what it takes to become an Ambassodor.  Look up whether or not we have diplomacies with various countries, especially before believing the political rhethoric of those who claim to have that knowledge.  Ask for to see college diplomas.

IT's not just the Fluffy Bunny new agey Wiccans, it's also the recon minded devotional Polytheists.

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