Monday, April 27, 2015

Celts, Cauldrons and Grail and an old dream

I was watching a Netflix take on the Holy Grail and it's history.  It was made in 1998.  Something it said triggered my memory of this poem I was given in a dream, though the ending is something I've been trying to remember for a while.

Hear me now
First Goddess of the light
Drink for me now
The cup of life.

Here me now
First Goddess of the night
Drink for me now
The cup of

I know it's a duality thing.  One is light and life, and the other is darkness and death.  Turns out the Celtic Cauldrons were double edged.  They gave life but also death.  They were symbols of rebirth and death.

Something else makes sense now.  Whenever I give food to the Goddesses(Morrigan and the  unknown one) they want me to take a bite, before I give it to them.  The Celts Priestess would slit the throat of prisoners of war and fill the cauldron with their blood.  The Celts would then make a stew, to feed the Gods and themselves.

I'll edit in links, when I find some credible ones.

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