Thursday, May 7, 2015

Being a Primal

My way of coming to Primal was through Paganism.  I didn't realize until recently that it is a subset ,and a fairly newly emerging one of Kink and BDSM.  In, Fetlife, Primal play the animal within group. You will also find it in the Therian and Otherkin community. Lupabitch is a good source here

Being a Primal, for me is about acknowledging my inner animals.  For me it's a spiritual, sensation and kinky, and emotional thing. This is a part of my soul that I express.

It's hard to put into words.  How do you express the oomph you feel, when you meet another Primal. How do you explain the feelings, the sensations, the smells, the ecstacy?

To find your animal, I would suggest Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.  Do some navel gazing and soul searching. What animals come to you, what do you "feel" like?  Do you have teeth, tail, hooves, claws?  Do you run and like to hunt, or hide in the shadows?

I knew who my Totem, or animal spirit(whiever political or non political term you choose) when I was younger.  It wasn't until my mid thirties that I realized this carried over into my sex life.  Nothing like figuring out oooh, I do like my hair pulled and wrestle play and oh Gods yes bite me and let me bite you.  (Yeah I'm a bit grumpy about that, I could have had fun for over a decade if I'd known sooner lol).

Primal is more than just glorified Klingon sex.  It's about going outside and smelling the honeysuckle, and feeling the sweetness down at the base of your throat.  Feeling the soft, prickly grass under your naked feet.  Growling as you nibble and bite your partners throat or chest, and hearing their sharp intake of passioned breath.

The soft intimate moments are a part of this as well.  Cuddles, feeling safe in my partners arms.  That sense of belonging.  Being spooned at night, and soft nuzzles and kisses.  

Primal is about tapping into that animal side, that we all have.  Feeling those instincts and listening to them.  For instance if you are a bear, do some wrestle play, but also play with warm honey and lap it off your partner.  Wolf primal, enjoy that steak, enjoy the smell of a grill while your mate bbq's and feeds you, whilst your cubs squeal, then nuzzle that mate and make them yours later on.  Enjoy the sound of his howling.

I need to think more on how this came into being for my spirtuality and how it also encompasses more than my sex life.  But I hope this helped people with questions.

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