Thursday, July 23, 2015

Musings on time, UPG and religion

My daughter came into my room this morning, grumping about following a book a few thousand years old.  Why do people do that.  I told her religion.  She goes on to grump but we aren't the same people as they were a few thousand years ago.  I pointed out that's because we adapted.  I then proceeded to point out that she needs to do more research before she whinges on another religion, yaye teaching moment.  Hopefully my daughter wont' be one of those annoying Pagans who like to kvetch about Christianity and Judaism without really knowing much about it.

However this brings about a different point.  Why are we trying to recreate old Polytheism?  We aren't our ancient forefathers and foremothers.  We are the product of our time, and our morals.

I know for myself, and I'm going to talk about Asatru and Jotuns Bane a minute or three.  I treat Gods and Spirits the way I would treat people.  I treat them as a person who was raised as a military brat, with the moto, we aren't black, or white but green.  I treat them, as someone who is American, I will judge you by your actions to me, not by what others say of you.

Its why I don't have an issue with Loki.  Our relationship is built on our dealings with each other and a familial bond.  It's not built on someones UPG, that got twisted by a monk in Sweden, who translated or wrote down Oral history(Snorri).  I accept the Celtic Deities and the fey, for who they are and their dealings with me.  I accept that few Native American spirits the same way.  Why do I have to, in order to gain acceptance, have to treat Loki and the Jotuns how Jotuns Bane and certain other Asatru wish it.

We aren't Vikings.  We aren't Germanic Pagans of yee olden times.  Many of us are American Pagans.  We came from an environment that has some of the older Anglo Saxon morals, or Germanic morals, but we aren't those forebearers.  Why are we trying so hard to bring those morals back instead of adapting?

Why are we worried about something that sounds remarkably like Judgement day?  I mean come on, it's known who wrote the sagas down, and his bias.  Why is it accepted whole heartedly that is what will go down?

Why don't we get together and talk more of our own UPG and make our own stories more of the lore and canon.  I think it can be down with balance and some critical thinking?

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