Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Krasskova is sticking her foot in her mouth yet again.

Krasskova is sticking her foot in her mouth and talking out of her ass again.  Oh noes we are doing it wrong again.  Rolls eyes.

Hey Galina, way to make yourself sound more pretentious and elitist then some of the Asatruar on Asatru Lore.  Do you think writing a few books makes you some sort of qualified expert? You were a decent person to look at when you were talking from your own perspective, now you have turned into a cultish quack twitching whenever someone takes away some "power" you think you have.

Now here are some real life reasons people don't do it the way you do.

1. They haven't been asked to yet.

2. They(gasp I know this might come as a surprise) don't have the time, energy, or mental spoons yet.  Real life may be pooping all over them.  Not everyone goes the Catholic route of lighting a zillion candles when life hands them lemons.

3. They may not have that type of devotional paradigmn.  What someone has a personal relationship with the Gods that differes from you, say it aint so.  The Gods may be asking them for different things, oh noes.

IN other words, stick your nose back in your own business,(You can start by getting rid of the idea of tradition and mystery for reconstruction, this isn't BTW wicca, and you aint Gardner) clean your own house and stay the hell out of others.  We aren't jealous of you, you cultic power hungry quack, we choose our own way of dealing with our Gods.


  1. The real stickler was at the end " Impossible standards of devotion? To those who love the Gods there is no such thing." implying that if people aren't pushing themselves as far as she thinks they should, they don't love the Gods.

    ... wasn't 'Their Gods must not be real to them.' /last/ year's bs?

    1. Yes because if we don't kiss their arse and lick their boots, it must not be love. snort.