Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lets talk about Devotion

I think it important that before we talk about who is doing something wrong, that we first establish whether or not someone is following the same paradigmn.  This is inspirted by KrasskovasI Screeches, and other Recons, who want us to do it more the way of the ancients.  So lets talk about this shall we?

I don't know about anyone elses paradigm but to me my Gods are family and close friends.  This has been forged in the fires of my life.  It has organically worked out to be that way.  Others may have different ways of relating.

What does that mean to me.  It means they are honest with me.  It means we have ups and downs.  It means I am not subservient nor do I abase myself.  It means I do, what I can do, of what I am asked. For many years, and I've written this before, I wasn't asked for devotions, but to learn butterfuly gardening, or do other tasks, the most imp is to be the Holy sticky note and pass on messages, that I can here, and to be a shoulder for others to lean on and cry on.  I still have a strong indication that duty is more imp, then how many candles I light and how much food I put on the altar.

I am not my ancestors.  I am not going to sacrifice a virgin, to stop the volcano from blowing up.  Our ancestors put a lot of devotion because they felt they had to APPEASE the Gods or else bad things would happen.  We aren't them.  So relationships and devotoins have changed and that is a good thing.

Our Gods don't have the temples that they once used to.  They definately dont' have the same priests. THis isn't Alexandria, where you hire engineers to concock wonders to lure more worshippers to the temple.

No our relationships and our blogging are more personal.  Our relationship are more intimate.  They aren't subject to what the High Priest or Priestess believe(despite what some self appointed would like to think) they are subject to what The Gods we worship and us believe and how we work it out.

If others are different, please lets talk, so that others can see the different paradigmns.  Lets discuss how it is with you, and what works.

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