Sunday, March 16, 2014

History, tradition and responsibility one puts on ones own shoulders.  This post is very dramatic.  Full of pomp and circumstance.

You are not fighting for me(I'm a wolf).  You are fighting for your own ego and view of what you want. You don't get to talk for or fight for the collective community, many of which you have managed to piss off.  Dire wolves came before the old man btw, they were before humans, so you can't be fighting for the collective howl of them.  Egregious poetic license there.

First off can we go back to reality land.  Lone wolves aren't always lone due to disease.  When it's time to start their own, they wander away from their pack to find others, to make their own family.

It makes perfect sense, for someone, who is coming into their own leadership, would strike off on their own. It is perfectly healthy and hale, to do so.   Mayhaps before commenting on others, one should look to themselves.

It says something about the security of someone, that the first line is, lone wolves are diseased or mentally unstable.  It also says something that, they have to use someone else's snide comment but can't make their own. Then to say, after starting that piece the way you did, that you aren't trying to silence the "lone wolves" is rather lame.  Btw, you aren't the Alpha, you are to insecure for that role.

The whole "tradition" thing smacks more of ego, than actual truth.  Don't look behind the man in the curtain. Listen to the booming voice instead.  Yeah no.

The Germanic tradition wasn't sundered 2000 years ago.  Ok Charlemagne did behead the heads of German chieftains who wouldn't accept Christ, but that wasn't the sundering.  Hell the vikings, and Anglo Saxons were quite a pain in the ass for a while.  In fact it wasn't Christianity that stopped the Vikings but their own success.  Oh and btw, common tactic then was to convert the chiefs, so the others would become Christian.  It wasn't all that violent.  You would think someone who was a recon would know this.

Traditions weren't sundered, they changed.  That is the nature of life.  Change happens.

Also, when Pagans became Pagans(of whatever stripe), they didn't come into living traditions.  Hell we haven't really gotten to anything resembling tradition, let alone a living one.  We are still figuring out the Gods and our connection.  Outside of BTW Wicca, and a few other lineaged traditions, traditions really haven't come into being.

Hell I'm not entirely sure that tradition is all that it is cracked up to be.  First know how to work on your own, before working with others.  Learn to trust yourself before you can trust others.

It is also very Germanic, to go against the grain and sunder useless tradition.  You want a historical example, MARTIN LUTHER.  How about another, my mom is German.  Yeah, the whole listen to authority was there, but she also made damn sure her daughters could think for themselves.  With the whole listen to authority came the stand up and fight for your beliefs.  Be an independent person.  It is well within the German mentality to decide screw this shit, I'm doing x, because your way doesn't work well.  Know the culture before talking out of your ass.

Oh and btw, someone making a critique about how you act, is not a battle cry.  This isn't about compromise but how to act like an adult.  Quit throwing a tantrum like a petulant two year old.  No one is being mean to you, and he most definitely isn't picking on you.  It says a lot, that you can't handle being disagreed with.  It says a lot, that your response to an honest and thought provoking critique is this piece, where you can't even right out and say who it is and the issue, you have to couch it in passive aggressive terms.  Grow the eff up already, and quit playing the victim.

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