Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thoughts on how to make the community better

The community I am talking about is the greater Pagan community.  I am not talking about just the Polytheistic, or the Wiccan, or the New Agey Paganish ones.  The community I am referring to, includes all of those.

First of all, I would put theology aside for a moment.  I would focus on healthy communication.  I would focus on negating the unhealthy ideals garnered from liberal politics.  I would focus on, learning boundaries vs being a reactionary.

Humans, all of us have issues.  However, in certain segments of Paganism, as well as in liberal politics, I have found, to be some unhealthy things.  If you don't know how to communicate in an uber diplomatic way, you are a meany pooh pooh head.  Agreeing to disagree is not an option.  Conflict resolution is not something that is taught or done.  Taking things way to personally is way to common.  Tolerance is equated with acceptance and approval.  Basically a lot of childish stuff.

I would say, in order to make things better, we focus on growing up more.  Focus on healthy communication, from communication texts.  Focus on some healthy psychology, from psychology texts and less on shiny magic stuff.  I think we as a community should do some growing up.  It would help with the intrareligious issues.

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