Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Submission and supplication to my Gods

James asked me to write or give my take on Submission to the Gods.  I originally took it to mean, about Faith and doing what they want.    I had previously wrote a bit here:  http://paininthebum.blogspot.com/2013/12/trust.html

I remember talking about Asherah vs the Caananite Queen.  I talked about Kitchen witchery vs Gardnerian Wicca and seeing the same Goddess and how I felt and why.  I can't find those posts at the moment.

However, James meant literally supplicating yourself to the Gods.  So I'm going to write what I think on that and why I don't find it applicable to me.

I'm going to start with the culture I grew up in.  I'm first and foremost an American.  I was taught Americans do not bow or bend their knees to anyone.  It doesn't have anything to do with Arrogance, but we are the children of people who fought for their independence.  Bending your knee, to royalty is disrespectful to our founders and ourselves.  We don't recognize class, caste, or nobility, because anyone can be anything they wish to be.  Your actions make you noble, not your birth.

I am a German(and other heinz 57 blood) American.  My mom would let me know that isn't copacetic. Nothing I've read in the culture would support this.

I am a military brat.  While officers are given acknowledgement of their rank, and it's hierarchal, you earn your respect.  Our military culture is different than many of the worlds.  Low ranking NCO's can make decisions in war, that in other military culture would be seen as anathema.

My personality is such that I don't do well with kneeling and submitting.  This is one of the reasons I found my way to Paganism.  I wrote about it some here: http://paininthebum.blogspot.com/2013/10/values.html

My gods would laugh if I started doing that.  Loki would take my temperature, point out I'm his daughter not a sexual submissive and/or fall off of furniture laughing his ass off.  It may even be in that order. Cernunnos would probably cock an eyebrow at me.  Morrigan would teach me the hard way, why that is wrong.  The lady would gently try to teach me that isn't respecting myself, nor is it required, desired.  Pan would be more like the Morrigan.  I also don't have that relationship with Yahweh, I think he'd check to make sure I wasn't possessed first.

I am to grow.  I am to learn.   I am not to stay a child, I am to try to be an adult(I'm not talking human adult, I'm talking bigger long term plan for my soul).  Acting submissive isn't applicable in that long term goal.

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  1. I see the gods as humans greatest allies and friends. Respect is shown from both sides and we honor our oaths.