Thursday, February 20, 2014


Tess latest blog post and reply, has brought me to think on the deeper issues to be addressed in our communities.  Ironic, with mercury retrograde going on and how it effects communication.  But the issue is communication.

I have encountered in my life, that people speak differently.  I can understand and get along with and argue in a healthy manner with Conservatives.  Depending on the liberal, that may also be true.  I can talk and be understood by various Recons.  That is not the case with the less hard polytheistic or liberal minded Pagans. It is like we are on a different planet.  All the communication techniques I learned in college are not helpful, when I address them.  Somehow I am always at fault.  Which quite honestly has led me to give up.

I am going to take the time today, to put out links, for people who may be interested, in learning more about communication and hopefully this may improve the situation.

Here is another more Pagan flavored link, showing the different communication styles between Recon and Wiccans.  I think it has only gotten worse.

Here is a pdf link that shows the different types of communication styles.

You can open this with open office or microsoft office.  This is a power point presentation.  It looks simplistic and may read condescending but for those that are more visually oriented it is useful.  I am direct, and I have found that in the liberal Pagan land, they are more Passive, and somehow I read as dominating using that pdf.  I can't fathom why.

Here is a funny that George Takei posted, that also shows communication.  I thought it would be useful.

I am posting these links, because in order to improve communication, it is necessary to know what type you do.  It helps in then doing conflict resolution.  Think of it, to use a fluffy analogy, of figuring out your communication power animal:P

Please, I encourage people to comment here, so that others can learn from your wisdom.  When I figure out more, I will do follow up posts.

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