Saturday, February 8, 2014

Religious dress

I really don't have any.  I do have jewelry that has special significance.  I do feel more oomphy when wearing the head scarf with the mirror things around my head.  I am being bothered to make a girdle with bells and jingly bits attached.

However none of these are needed, but just accessory items.  The only religious equipment I need is me. Hell I don't even need to be nakie(British Traditional Witchcraft would call this skyclad, but I think this has more to do with the founder liking to see nubile young thangs, than accessing your power.  50 years of Wicca).  I can do a ritual in jeans and a tshirt.  I'm not more oomphy in robes than I am in comfy jeans and a shirt.

I'm just as much a dreamy eyes poet as many other Pagans.  Hopefully I don't write horrible poetry that makes others cry.  I however have a firm, Iron willed inner pragmatist, who scoffs at special thingies in order to practice religion.  I blame my mother.  She was a firm believer that you could pray to God while on the toilet just as much as you can while in the church.  She is also very much right.

I think the religious regalia has less to do with the Gods and more to do with our need to wear special funny hats and other regalia.  It has to do with our inner dramatist.  Mine isn't very sophisticated though, mine is still wearing horned helmets with fur coming out of the metal brassiere while singing German opera:)

To summarize...  I really don't need anything but my mind in order to practice religion.  I can be in bed and connect with my Gods just as much as being outside, dressed up, with a bonfire and various geegaw and other shiny thingies.  (Oh lord Loki is getting ideas).  Jeans and Tshirt are just as viable as silk robes and silly hats.

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