Wednesday, February 19, 2014

sighs, no it really isn't them, it is you.

Sigh, real good advice for most conversations.  However, it's a slap in the face, of those you insulted(and no I'm white and I'm usually the blunt wench that inadvertently insults people) when you make statements like pour a 40 to your homies.  I showed the link of why it was a bullshit statement.  It is not the audience fault for taking it the wrong way, it is your fault for being insensitive.

Making it the audience fault is manipulation.  It shows lack of care.  Granted everyone does it, I know I have.  However a month or two after the apology, and a sincere apology was issued, we are back to, no really it's not me, it's you.  Does not bring good feelings.  It makes me narrow my eyes and frankly loose trust.


  1. My reply:
    If I had an issue with Gods and their reality, I would have said so. My issue, is with the pour a 40 to the homies and the ensuing stuff. I don't play games, I state my issues in a blunt Sagittarius manner.

    I was very clear in my post, on what bothered me. I was very clear on my first comment, when I read your reply to the first flames that were given. To insinuate, that I am looking for an apology than any thing else, is insulting.

    It isn't your audience, it is you. You made a boo boo. We all make boo boo's. No one is exempt from communication boo boo's. I have made more than my share of them. I have even argued and then realized nope I was the horses patootie, and I apologized when I got it. I apologized when I gave offense and I stood firm in my convictions when I don't think I was wrong.

    The pour the 40's comment, yeah I don't think you have much to stand on. The sacrifice and the poor people bit, you have a small amount to argue on, but frankly it's insulting, and I was clear why.

    Either you are sorry or you aren't. You don't however get to make it my mental failing though. I read your post.

    I replied to this comment

  2. I tried reading through her recent batch of posts... and... yeah >< It was all very rambling to me, and definitely seemed to be a case of grasping at straws to avoid responsibility. There's a bunch of comments between me and her on one of her other posts where she responds to that "Their Gods Must Not Be Real To Them" post I wrote... with the same degree of round about metaphor to try and avoid actually saying she's trying to defend the practice of dismissing others in that manner.

    1. If you can provide a link that would be great. Of her recent posts, the only ones I see comments that are viewable are the ones that are kissing her butt.


      Comments at the bottom.

  3. She doesn't get any less condescending does she? Nor does she address what you are really talking about. Shakes my head.

    1. Nope... and I was being really patient with her too.

  4. My other reply to whine and wine. Sigh......... closes eyes and tries to be patient.

    There are many experiences with Loki. You may have a hard time believing it, but if you spent more time reading the experiences with Loki in the various Lokean communities it would not be so surprising that Loki would want less alcohol on altars and more, helping other human beings.

    Take a good hard look at what his worshipers are and what they are doing. You can see it on lj's Lokean community. You can see it on the blogs by Lokeans and what they hope to do. It is not that surprising that Loki would much rather you give time to a single mother, than alcohol on his shrine.

    And wow, I could understand, skepticism, but you are outright implying that I'm being delusional? Do you not understand how condescending you sound? Then you top it off with a blog post, as if I need instruction in discernment. I'm not your student. You are not my teacher.

    I'm treating you as a peer and giving you respectful critiques. Do I not deserve the same respectful replies?

    Heres a clue Tess, I am a voice of the GODS. Any of them. That is one of my duties. I may not be the end all, be all of the voice, but I'm quite capable of giving the message with the caveat, that hey, I'm human and I have fallibilities, so take what I say and see if it pings within your soul. I am a Shaman. That next to last paragraph, is very condescending there.

    You asked me if I needed help in offerings. I took the time to think on your words. I took the time to run it by my Gods and what I wrote is what they said. It was not my thoughts, it was theirs.

    Now you can disagree with me, and that is fine. But what isn't fine, is to treat me like an elementary student. I seriously doubt you would enjoy being treated that way.

    I know the voice of the Gods. I took the time long ago to take the Greek maxim know thyself to heart. I took the time to figure out my voice, vs the other voices I heard. I take exception, that instead of asking, instead of being respectfully skeptical, that you are implying that I need instruction in discernment.

  5. Also the doing it wrong was not about praxis. It is about the condescending tone. It is not about the lore. It is about how you are treating the other worshipers.

    When this first started, I gave you links to read, so that you may see the other side. I don't think you are listening. This isn't about lore. This is about treatment of others.

    Your reply is full of you are doing it wrong. You could have asked what my experiences were, you didn't. You could have asked how long I have been doing what I've been doing, you didn't. You came off like you are my elder and I'm some young whipper snapper. I'm 39 years old Tess. I don't even think teens enjoy that tone and treatment.

    That is what those who are talking about and taking issue with the "your doing it wrong" is taking issue with. It's not about praxis. It's about basic respect. If you want it, you have to show it too, and your recent posts, are lacking in it, inho.