Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chicken, lemon sauce, cream cheesy pasta recipe thing for the grove

I could have made this more cleaned up, but the first time was going to be family style.  The next time will use the optional ingredients to make it more FANCY.  But family style is imp, to me.  The Gods and the spirits aren't high mucky mucks to me, they are part of the family.  I just realized this a week ago, so haven't really had much time to flesh it out more then that.  

Total UPG for me.

I went grocery shopping the other day.  Got some chicken breasts on rib bone, figured I'd do something with them over pasta.  Went to the egg area to get stuff to make bread pudding, saw Italian cream cheese stuff and was poked, make me something like that with the chicken, and the lemon butter sauce too, went ok.  This is the recipe result, will make it again next time I shop but it will be better.  The lemon butter had burnt bits, cause my autistic son was helping my daughter cook.

Chicken breasts  I used the italian herb one  You can make your own, from scratch but this is cheaper and just as good
Knorr chicken stock condensed stuff.(size of a quarter of butter, has the flavor of chicken stock but I have more space for it, then I did regular chicken stock and I don't have to worry about it going bad.)  You can use your own chicken stock or the stuff in a quart container.
Tri color pasta


white wine

Ok you brown the chicken breasts, do it in regular oil, we used the lemon pepper and it burnt, due to having the chicken put up to high.  When the chicken is browned, add the onions and sliced up carrots, sautee those.  Put back the chicken and add the lemon butter sauce.  Add on top the cream cheese, let it melt, then add in the chicken stock thingy with water, or regular chicken stock.  Here is where you can put in the wine(for more of a gourmand flavor plus antioxidants.) and garlic and more spices.

Serve over tri colored pasta.

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