Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Samhain and the dead time

The leaves are turning, from green, to orange, gold and red.  They are dropping from the trees littering the ground.  The air is crisp, dry, and hitting the early freezing points.  Insects are buzzing about, trying to find the last sustenance before hitting their dormancy and or dying.

Horror franchise is throwing out scary films to coincide with halloween.  Farmers are offering hay rides and pumpkins, and corn mazes to gain extra cash.  And the coffee places are pumpkin EVERYTHING.  Your children are excited about what costumes to wear, for their favorite holiday, free candy night.  I'm personally thinking of investing in a lock box, so that they can't raid it and torture me with continual sugar highs.

The nights are getting longer.  It is taking the sun longer to come up in the morning.  Frost is starting to need to be scraped off your windshield.  And the wind is starting to howl just a little bit.

The night is getting creepier.  The veil is thinning.  The dead are easier to sense.  The otherworld is making it's presence known.

I felt them, last saturday.  I was dropping my daughter off at her school, at the butt crack of dawn, at 4:30 ish in the a.m.  The night was still and black, the only thing to be seen was from my head lights.  The farmlands seemed creepier and had this odd sense of danger to them.  The cemetery, by the Catholic church and the church itself felt ominous.  The school, safe.  On the way back, I couldn't get the thoughts of the wild hunt led by Odin out of my head.  Shortly after, the disapproving glares of the dead Native Americans who used to live there joined it.  

I was so glad to get home after dropping her off.  I also hoped that she would get back when it was still daylight.(barely, we made it out just as the twilight was receding) and headed to a busier town.  I did not want to drive in the dark with that ominous feel to the world.

On the way to picking her up, I saw someone had ended up in the deep ditch.  Half a dozen were stopped and were plank hauling the person up.  As I was calling the emergency numbers, the police showed up.  10 minutes up the road, I heard the sirens, and pulled over as a sheriff came from the direction I was heading in, speeding down to help.  It was a serious accident, but I do not know the results.

Odin isn't the only one who runs the wild hunt.  Cernunnos does as well.  As do most of the Tuatha De Danaan.  Aka High Elves from Ireland.

Legends http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/huntsman.html

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