Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I originally was going to go all rawrrrrr on John Halstead post on privledge, but I got poked to do something else instead.

So here it is:


The Phoenix.  The raging fire.  The hearth fire.  The one who destroys, the one who fixes.  The Transmutable fire.  The shapeshifter.  The laughing God.  The sad God.  The one who loves deeply.

The fire of the furnace.  The fire of a wildfire.  The hot breath raging breath of a wildfire.

When I think of Loki, I think of a bonfire, or Fire.  The power and the wind and the roar.  That is the description that I am to portray of him.

My interaction with him is that of Dad.  I have a very close relationship with him.  I respect him.  I love him. I respect but don't fear him. I am often shaking my head bemused by him.  I also know, if I call on him, that I better be damn sure I am asking for the right thing, because he is CHANGE.

He has his own Honor.  He will use any tool at his disposal to get shit done.  That means he will lie and steal and do what he needs to get it done.  However he is very honest with me.

He is also very subtle in his lessons.  Some I don't even know I am doing, until I have done them and they have fixed me or made me face a fear.  He is not a deity for the light hearted.  Nor should he be trifled with.

He was among the other Gods, who poked me to go to Lightning across the Plains.  I was being to isolated. I needed to interact with others.  The kids needed to see a bigger Pagan gathering.  It was affordable.

The con to that, is I didn't feel like I belonged.  Because of the nature of the worshippers(who are very nice and good people), I kept my affiliations quiet.  Thus I could not be myself.  Plus, after having an autistic child for a while, 200+ people can be a bit overwhelming.  Me the extrovert felt more than a bit of an introvert and that I was in a hamster ball mewling.

I think I would do better at a smaller gathering.  But since the Troth allows toasting to Loki, I may join and see if there are more Loki friendly events.  I liked meeting the people.  I oddly felt closer to the more vanic worshippers as well(haven't figured that out).

I also need a place where I can let my son go, where I can relax.  Where he can be himself.  So a smaller venue would be better.

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