Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I ran across these in Ms.  My UPG says they come from a Native American heritage, but that is my gut and this is all UPG.  The first one, and I can't remember why he showed up, was in a leather jacket, acted nice,but my instinct said be careful.  He asked for a drink of my sweet tea and I shared.  I went to take a drink, but I stopped myself, and poured it out on the ground.  While doing so, I saw some sparkly energy in the drink.  He had put in venom.  He was amused when I said that.  He left later.

I remember why the first one showed up.  He wanted to know where a friend of mine lived.  I refused to give him that info.

The other one I saw, was in a full headress and older.  He was trusthworthy, and had a different personality.

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