Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mum, The Goddess

If it isn't clear, I am writing down my impressions.  None of the Gods I have talked about(other than Morrigan) have a lot of lore to them.  This is a beginning and they wanted me to write about how I saw them and felt them.

Color, Silver.  She has no name.  None that I can figure out at least, at this time.  She just is mum.

I encountered her first in a dream.  I was in highschool, and was sent these dreams.  I was involved in a battle(not a traditional battle, maybe battle is the wrong term).  Anyway I had a thing I was fighting.  It was a giant black wolf, that would go out and eat people.  Had a lot of stealth.

I was given Merlin to teach me and I had to put together a sword, with a pencil in its hild(oooh can you get the symbology here??? lawl).  IF I said this poem blue light would come out of the sword(no it wasn't thundercats ho) and destroy my enemy.

Here me now first Goddess of the light
Drink for me now
The cup of life

Here me now first Goddess of the night
The rest has been lost in a successive dream

In a prior dream, I was walking with Merlin and he asked me to recite the poem.  I felt it slowly being pulled out of my mind.  THen I woke up and this is what I am left with.  The lesson girls, boys and what have you, is write down the imp dreams.  Notes are imp.

That dream led me to non BTW Wicca.  I loved the simplicity of Scott Cunningham.  He has a gift for making hard things simple and elegant.

Anyway, she is the same Goddess in Wicca.  I also saw her in the High Priestess when I went to see whether I wanted to be more traditional in Gardnerian coven.  She is more Queenly there, vs the informal mother I found in Non BTW.

But while she is in Wicca, she isn't limited there.  The holiest vision of her, that I saw, was the Orion nebula.

I sense her in the air, especially in the moon and space.  I sense her in the water, and all around me.  I do not know if she is Omnipotent. I do not know if she is the White Goddess from Robert Graves or if he only got a small tiny glimpse of her.  I just know that she is.

I do not know if she is Asherah.  I only know the UPG I have of her.  What I have of her, is infinite patience.  She feels motherly.  She is warmth and hearth.  Though mess with her kits and she will come down on you like a mother bear.

She seems to be connected with the fey in a way as well.

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