Friday, December 27, 2013

Something that James Grimswolf wrote that has had me thinking all day

The part where, if you don't libate, that maybe the Gods are not real to you, that others have been saying.  How that would affect a mystic, if they believed the person saying that.  That instead of the experiences being real, you are crazy, or delusional.

How bone deep disturbing that is.  It hadn't hit me that way, because what yahoo's on the internet, that I don't give power to, doesn't really affect me.  However to someone who hasn't yet reached that, it could shred them.

wow.  Closes eyes and sighs

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  1. It is pretty disturbing, and thank you for the single boost on the post. There's going to be a follow up specifically on the issue of throwing this phrase around in a few hours as soon as I can finish it.